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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for the first meeting ?

At Laura Z, the first meeting is always free. This meeting is essential to get to know you, as well as to give you a clear idea of our philosophy, experience and creativity, before any contract is signed. This ensures a well-informed start to the planning process, and creates a solid foundation for our future collaborations.

What should my wedding budget be ?

It’s very important to think about your wedding budget before beginning the planning process, as getting a clear overview of your budget from the start will prevent any last-minute surprises. At Laura Z Organisation, we’re here to help you with this challenging task. During our first meeting (which is always free), we can help you build a wedding budget that works for you, so you can enjoy a stress-free start to the planning process. We’ll also attach it to the contract – we’re committed to not going over-budget.

What types of weddings and ceremonies do you plan ?

For 14 years, Laura Z Organisation has been planning weddings for clients of all religions, nationalities and cultures, as well as secular commitment ceremonies.

We’ll design a stylish and elegant wedding that celebrates and highlights your traditions and customs. Our vendor list includes a wide variety of caterers offering many different menu options, including French, African and Indian cuisines, halal and kosher meals, and more.

For multicultural weddings, Laura Z Organisation will design an event that highlights your various different cultural traditions, for a wedding you and your guests will love.

Do we need to have a theme for our wedding ?

Though it’s a relatively new tradition, the current trend is to choose a theme for your wedding. Whatever theme you choose, it will create a link between each element of your event, such as your venue, invitations, decor, food, entertainment, etc.

Laura Z Organisation is there to help you design a wedding theme that tells your story. But, of course, you don’t need to have a theme ! If you prefer, you can also choose to have a classic wedding that’s just right for you. We’ll suggest ideas and vendors that will make it unique and memorable.

What season should I get married in ?

Weddings are still traditionally associated with summer. Many couples choose June, July and August for their big day. But you’re also welcome to plan your wedding among the blossoming trees of spring, the vivid colors of autumn, or the pristine snowfalls of winter !

Each season has its pros and cons, but remember that you don’t have to follow the trend, you can get married in any season that you like! Whatever season you choose, Laura Z Organisation will help you organize a luxurious and elegant wedding that truly suits you.

Remember that planning a wedding between October and March is also a budget-friendly option. Many vendors who provide catering, venues, entertainment, wedding attire, etc. offer more competitive rates and are more open to negotiation for events taking place during this period of the year.

The first dance : classic or modern ?

The first dance continues to be a popular tradition that many newlyweds choose to incorporate into their wedding reception: what better way to share a glamorous moment and show off your stunning wedding look? Of course, you don’t have to stick to the traditional waltz!

  • A Traditional First Dance

Have your wedding day dreams always included dancing to “The Blue Danube” in a long, elegant gown?

The waltz is a time-honored classic for those looking for a more traditional first dance.If you’d like to brush up on your steps, don’t hesitate to schedule a few hours of dance lessons – Laura Z Organisation can suggest some amazing dance instructors. During the traditional first dance, couples usually dance together for 2 to 3 minutes, then invite their parents and guests to the dance floor. To add a modern touch to this tradition, why not dance to “Les Valses de Vienne” by Feldman ?

  • The Slow Dance

The slow dance is a great option for couples who want to include this tradition in their reception, but don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a specific dance. It’s a great way to share an unforgettable first dance, even with no dance training whatsoever ! For the slow dance, you can choose any music that you’d like (as long as it’s slow!)

Every couple has at least one song that’s special to them : maybe it’s a song from when you first met, your first kiss, or your first dance ! It’s sure to be a heartfelt moment! Some timeless music options are “Ma Préférence” (Julien Clerc) “What a Wonderful World” (Louis Armstrong) and “Still Loving You” (Scorpions).

  • The Upbeat First Dance

With this type of first dance, the aim is to surprise and entertain your guests. It’s best to choose a simple and easy-to-learn dance routine that doesn’t require too much preparation. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable, so simplicity is key! One option is to start with a traditional piece of music, that leads into a more energetic, upbeat song.

Most of all, have fun and share an amazing moment together!

Laura Z Organisation can provide you with lots of advice and ideas to help you choose your ideal first dance!

Should I have a dress code for my guests ?

You’ve taken great care to choose your wedding attire, since all eyes will be on you! Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will also be looking their best on your big day. But do you need to have a dress code for all of your guests?

A dress code has many advantages :

Asking your guests to dress in a certain style can strengthen the overall theme of your wedding, and make for fabulous photos! Whether your dress code includes specific colours, styles or accessories, your guests will enjoy participating in your theme, and it’s a great conversation starter !

However, many guests prefer to be completely free to choose their own wedding outfit.

So is it a good idea to have a dress code?

It definitely adds an extra touch of sophistication to your wedding. Dress codes are also a sign of a well-designed VIP event, and can add an extra touch of originality or light-heartedness to the day.

Of course, we know lots of great designers, stylists and shops that can help make your wedding and reception absolutely perfect!

How can I be sure my guests know how to get to my wedding ?

You’ve organized every little detail of your wedding and you’re ready for the party to begin ! However, you forgot to clearly indicate the names and locations of your venues to your guests.

What a disaster !

It can be a stressful experience to suddenly realize that your guests haven’t arrived yet : suddenly, your husband’s phone is ringing non-stop with calls from uncles and grandmothers who got lost on the way to the wedding. Not to mention the fact that your dress doesn’t have pockets, so you left your cell phone at home… these types of annoyances can be easily avoided by planning in advance, with the help of Laura Z Organisation.

We’re here to help you think of all these little details (through discussions and by creating a comprehensive plan) and make your wedding a stress-free experience. Of course, you can include our phone number on your wedding invitation, so your guests can call us if they need anything, leaving you free to enjoy getting ready for your wedding!

Can planning a wedding be fun, exciting and completely stress-free?